Rules of Ludo


The aim of the game is for each player to move their four game pieces from their respective starting positions, to the home space at the center of the board. To do this, the pieces must complete a full circuit of the board. Each player throws the dice to determine how many spaces to move. The players take turns to throw the dice and move.

The board

Rules of play

On Your Turn

  • The initial goal in Ludo game rules is to try to roll a six to move out one of your game pieces from the home base to the starting position. 
  • If you fail to roll a six, your turn ends here. 

Movement of the Game Piece

  • Pieces move clockwise around the path. 
  • You can move your piece X no of spaces, X being the number you have rolled on your turn. 
  • If you have multiple pieces out, strategically plan which one you want to proceed with, depending on the locations of other players’ pieces. 
  • Try to move as fast as possible to reach your home column where your pieces are safe from being knocked out by the opponents.

Landing on a Shared Square

  • On your way to the home triangle, if your piece lands on a space already occupied by an opponent, that player has to retreat their piece back to the home base. 
  • They have to start all over again to land that piece back in the game by rolling a six. 
  • Alternatively, if your piece lands on one of your own pieces, that pair creates a block. 
  • Opponent pieces cannot pass through a blocked position, but your own pieces can. 

Rules for the 6’s 

There are specific Ludo game rules for a rolled 6.

  • You can opt to bring out a fresh piece into the game or move ahead with an existing piece on the path. 
  • You get an extra turn every time you roll a 6.
  • For 3 subsequent 6s, the rolls are entirely negated, and your turn ends right there. 

Winning the Game 

  • Once your piece has reached the home column of its corresponding colour, keep moving it towards the home triangle. 
  • You can only land on the home triangle by an exact throw. If it’s your last piece and you have rolled a bigger number, you cannot take any action but pass the turn.
  • When your piece finally arrives at the triangle, it finishes its journey and cannot move any further. 
  • The first player to land all four pieces on the triangle wins the game.
  • Other players still keep playing to decide the runner-ups.

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